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The Rationality of Connection

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

The heat of the day was not yet felt, the grass was wet with dew and the robins on the front lawn were patrolling for worms. As the sun rose between the trees the play of light was breathtaking. Deep shadows caused by the sunlight, gave the trees a sense of majesty. The dogs lying somewhat close, their ears attentive and paying direct attention to the robins dancing about the lawn.

You hear often people talk about spirituality, religion or being connected to the universe. To be truly serious about these matters is to find out if there is something really sacred! The only way a human being can truly discover something authentic Sacred is to come upon somethings that is not put together by thinking. For whatever thinking puts together is nothing more than an egoism. There are so many questions that must be asked if one is to set aside everything humankind has put together, as what is sacred and what is illusions and lies.

Most human beings move away from this challenge and take refuge in orthodoxy or fundamentalism. Or simply believe in beliefs created by the petty little self with it endless agonies and arrogance’s. Those who reject orthodoxy or the fundamental move towards their own experience and invent meaning and give themselves and things powers they do not have. All beliefs whether they are personal or the beliefs that are handed down from the orthodox or the fundamental religions are full of self-centeredness. If one embarks upon the spiritual not for psychological security, as all beliefs are intended. Then one understands that one must stand completely alone. That word alone in the dictionary means all one, whole,not fragmented. Our brain has infinite capacity, consciousness is vast, yet we live in a tiny corner called ego self which is the source of all external psychology that creates division, destroys relationship, and creates moral purpose that divides us even further. Every brain on the planet,has been conditioned to identify itself with the knowledge it has collected from the outside world. That knowledge has been passed on from previous generations, modified by the present generation. For thousands of centuries human beings not being able to solve their own loneliness and hurt and psychological suffering invented all kinds of religions. All of these modalities intent is bring that suffering to an end but unfortunately it has only strengthen it. Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and many others we’re trying to tell us that we need to shift our psychology from the psychology of external control ego self to the psychology of love. The psychology of love does not take information personally, it doesn’t judge condemn or justify it’s actions or the actions of another. When unhappy it doesn’t hurt, or blame other people. Nor tell them what to do or think. It does not know what’s best for others but helps people find their way and in what is best for them.

The psychology of love does not have moral purpose to its behaviour as righting or wronging someone. It does not choose connection or be selective based on what someone else does or thinks, it is always inclusive. It allows people to make their own decisions and when things fall apart you are there to support encourage and care. The psychology of love does not identify with anything, material or immaterial. It does not bring about a division or separation as most material things and identification with some form of beliefs do. Humans want and need love in life so that one can live a meaningful and purposeful life. It is only love that can bring meaning and purpose to life. The gathering of things be it material or the materialistic process of experience, memory and knowledge which is thought and thinking. Changing our psychology is one of the most difficult things to do in life. As it means the self which one has gathered from the outside, that one has modified in the present must come to an end so something new can be born. All the great religious teachers have been telling us for centuries that’s a true spirituality is to be nothing. To be in nothing is the movement of love. It is only in being nothing that one can truly live.  Think of a situation with someone you love when you don’t condemn or judge their behaviour. It means you keep yourself out of it, then they have this feeling of love from you especially if you have the capacity to really listen to them. This real deep listening without the noise of one’s own thinking is the act of love.

Consciousness contains everything the whole of nature. I do not know the consciousness of a blade of grass, a tree, ocean, or the planet. But I can easily see that I either live in relationship to nature or against her. To be truly interested in one’s relationship to nature one must dissolve, get rid of the psychology of ego self called external control. Immediately the ego selves answers this challenge by raising the question as it has done for centuries how do I get rid of ego. This question again puts one into a prison because any wilful movement to get rid of self is again strengthening the movement of self. The ridiculousness and insanity of self the causer of all my problems, now becomes a thing that tries to fix my problems I don’t think so!  This is why people have always sought out authority, like they do with technical things. If I want to build a house I consult the authority of the carpenter. This is a sane and rational movement as all technological knowledge has its place in life but is still very limited.

If one perceives a tree falling towards one self in the woods one sees the danger and gets out of its way. You don’t need knowledge to do that you’re simply perceive the danger and act. If one can perceive the danger of the psychology of ego self that very perception is the thing that brings about its own liberation from ego self. No authority priest, guru, minister, teacher, can do it for you, you are totally responsible for yourself obviously! One doesn’t have to do anything, make any effort whatsoever. In one’s daily life to perceived the ugliness that one is, with curiosity and affection and hold it! That perception becomes instant action. You were born beautiful and perfect until civilization dumped all garbage into you. Very few people are interested in all this. As we have been conditioned to become more. That very becoming more has been civilizations past. And now look where we are potentially on the brink of extinction. If human beings would change their psychology we could save ourselves and the planet. The becoming more is always about our self interest, and love is perceiving the relationship between my intent actions that either creates the irrationality of conflict or the rationality of connection.

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