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Brian has worked with many people, groups and organizations over the years, bringing amp amounts of clarity and connection.  Listed below are a few of the groups and organizations he has worked with as well as some testimonials.


  • San Jose Sharks, NHL

  • Ontario Hockey League Teams


  • Huron Perth Lakers AAA

  • Windsor Spitfires

  • Flint Firebirds

  • Alliance Hockey Association

  • Grey Bruce Highlander’s Hockey Association

  • British Columbia Volleyball Association

  • Ontario Volleyball Association

  • Queensland Bulls Cricket Team


  • Toronto Catholic School Board

  • Avon Maitland School Board

  • Grey Bruce Catholic School Board

  • University of Toronto


  • Maitland Conservation Authority

  • ​Asuable Conservation Authority

  • RBC

  • Clinton Credit Union

  • Huron Perth Children’s Aid Society

  • Rural Response for Healthy Children

  • Lions International

  • YMCA

  • Parents Groups

Patrick Zumpano

"I think for me personally, Human Potential Plus has allowed me to bring greater awareness to, and inquiry of, the choices I make on a daily basis. As well, how the choices I chose to make impact the relationships I have. Brian has given me language and tools to inquire deeper into internal psychology more easily.  Embracing the process of identifying and questioning external psychology, in both myself and the athletes I work with, will stick with me always."

Keaton Proud

"Brian and Human Potential Plus have been incredible influences both on my life personally and our organizational culture. Brian is genuinely dedicated to supporting the needs of others and finding ways to help them succeed. The energy and compassion he brings to our environment are unmatched."

Jason Marchant

"I met Brian through my time spent coaching with Team Ontario Beach. Brian has had a profound impact on not only how I view coaching athletes at all levels of play, but more importantly on how I view myself as a person... As well as how I engage in all of the relationships in my life. I have a huge appreciation for Brian's teachings on internal and external psychology, looking for quality in everything and everyone, as well as being mindful of our needs. 

Brian: Thank you so much for all of your support and questions that inspire exploration, discovery and learning within myself!"

Brett Hagarty
Leslie Black

"Human Potential Plus has taught me philosophy of internal psychology. I initially thought I would just use these new ‘tools’ in my high performance coaching. However, once I realized how effective and transformative internal psychology is, I tried to implement it into every aspect of my life. When working with Coach Bri I felt safe, challenged and it always proved to be exciting. Overall, my work with Human Potential Plus and Brian O’Reilly has improved my personal life, professional career and emotional well-being. I could not recommend this organization more!

TJ Galiardi

"Coach Bri is my first call whenever I need clarity on basically any topic. His unique approach to helping you answer your own questions without any judgement is truly an art that he has mastered."

"It is quite obvious that Brian was put on this Earth to help others. Brian’s approach is natural, calm, and respectful -never making you feel like you have done something “wrong” or lacking in any way. In fact, after a group session with Brian, I felt ten feet off the ground, coming away with some key insights about myself and my relationships that I have now been putting into daily action with much success."

Angie Shen

"I never know where to begin when I want to express the impact that Brian has made on my life.
I feel so fortunate to have the platform I do to bring internal psychology to the Ontario volleyball community. Brian has been a mentor to the Team Ontario Beach coaching team for over 10 years. I experience first hand what quality feels like and can create when the relationships amongst each other is caring and strong. Our team has the conditions for quality at the forefront of our minds and it allows us to really lean into any challenges we face with each other and together. The success we’ve had as a team, winning medals nationally and internationally, is secondary to the success we’ve all felt in the positive improvements in our lives. This feeling of success has been a ripple effect to the impact it has made on the lives of athletes and parents that we work with as well.

Personally, I have known Brian for almost 20 years, Brian’s care and listening has helped me create quality in all areas of my life through my roles as a teacher, a coach, a teammate, an athlete, and with my family.

I have learned about the importance of reading my own book, inquiring within, connecting to what is meaningful to me, and most importantly how I treat those around me. What Brian has taught and coached me through has allowed me to see the control that I have over my life, my happiness, and the environment that I can create to allow others their best opportunity to thrive as well."

Joe Vitale

“Coach Bri and met a couple years ago. Within minutes I felt like I knew him my whole life. We have grown close and talk on a weekly basis about love, family, relationships, and coaching youth sports. He has forever changed my life. I’m learning to peel back the layers of myself that have been holding me back, and to move in a direction for deeper relationships with the people in my life. Thank you coach!”

"The HPP Level I training started with a small group from one department in the company. After a few more groups from the same department attended the training, there was a buzz and positive energy, then employees from different departments across the company wanted to be part of the training. ... The benefits experienced were so great, the company continued training more employees and also some continued with HPP level II. Brian you have provided many of us with tools and knowledge to be more successful and happier in our professional and personal lives. Thank-you!"
Paulina Galiardi

The first time I spoke with Brian O’Reilly (Coach Bri), I sat down on the couch in his office and within seconds, started crying. I didn’t know why. But it was like every defence, every wall that I had become an expert at keeping up and reinforcing with more bricks and more concrete, had come crashing down. In Coach Bri’s presence, I felt both unconditionally accepted and inexplicably see-through. Like everything I had tried so hard to hide, so hard to pretend wasn’t there, he could somehow see. Coach Bri doesn’t “treat” or “diagnose” - he looks, and seeks to understand, and walks alongside and guides. He somehow creates an environment of self-reflection and self-evaluation that makes pointing the finger at others or blaming or providing excuses impossible. He has taught me, again and again, that the only behaviour I can control is my own. And the truth of this fact has helped me in every area of my life. Every session with Coach Bri has brought me closer to the truth of who I am and who I want to be.

Selena Hazlitt

“Our team started learning about internal psychology from Brian about two years ago.  The staff are skilled in developing content and program delivery to meet the organization’s mission.  BUT, they were stalling with advancing ideas and trying new things because of individual fear and judgement.  We also wanted a meaningful connection with our clients and stakeholders; essentially, we wanted more relationship!  As team leader, it was important to find someone who could offer a fresh perspective within proven results.  We needed help to build team confidence while increasing the capacity to share information and create an environment where open and honest relationships thrive.  Brian’s coaching and mentoring are important factors in guiding us in this practice.  Brian is kind, direct, thorough and shares stories that will have you laughing and crying. He listens, practices curiosity and creates a safe environment for sharing."

Rian Lenarduzzi

"Through an internal psychology based approach using inquiry and self evaluation Bri has challenged me to look at the root of my misery and destruction in my life. It always comes back to self . Whether that be in my performance on court or in my relationships inside and outside of volleyball. He exposes how clever self can really be, and the excuses it creates. He does this in a way where he engages a safe environment that provides connection, and invests in relationship building. I have learned so much from Bri and I really value the environment he facilitates. Bri-Guy thanks for all that you do!"

Joey Hishon

"I met Brian when I was 13 years old, playing summer hockey with his son. A few years later I moved in with the O’Reilly family to train during the offseasons in preparation for hockey. Brian and Bonnie provided such a fun loving environment. My relationship with Brian was so much more than a “coach - player” relationship. I could feel how much Brian cared for each and 

everyone of his athletes. As I got older, I realized in times of stress and difficulty in sport or more importantly in life, Brian was always the first person I called. He has helped me through so many different challenges that I really can’t express my appreciation in words. I still attend Brian's weekly Friday night group sessions learning internal psychology. Brian is one of my best friends."

Grant McPherson

"Brian has conducted his psychological practice in a loving way for as long as I can remember. His teachings of life itself have allowed me to go from a point of not wanting to live anymore, to a position where I love every moment of my life no matter if it is considered good or bad. I also have not been the greatest person in terms of staying connected with Brian after each time that he has helped me. But Brian has displayed what true love is by being willing to help anyone find joy no matter what their past experiences have been. Brian tells us not to put him on a pedestal, but I have immense difficulty doing so due to the fact that I have never been witness to someone who loves as much as Brian does. He is a compassionate man who only wants the best for the world and the people that live in it. All I have left to say is that I am honoured to know Brian, and endlessly thankful for the ways in which he loves and lives."

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