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Our Mission

This site is dedicated to people who are interested in self-evaluation as a catalyst for change. At Human Potential Plus we offer training that moves people, teams and organizations towards greater levels of effectiveness. We believe that in all human endeavours people are striving to find quality in all situations.


This site is the human story of how we can learn and enrich our lives by taking responsibility for our external psychology that we practice whenever we are unhappy or feel ineffective. You will find on these pages workshops, team training, keynote speaking, and executive coaching that strive to be meaningful and purposeful to human beings reaching their potential.

Human Potential Plus' primary objective is to remove all adversarial relationships between people that are committed to achieving their shared goals. We strive with integrity to teach internal psychology and educate people to remove conflict from their daily lives in order to create a global impact.

Brian o'reilly

Human Potential Plus

Where Did Human Potential Plus Originate?

  • I started while attending high school in 1974. I had come from a very tumultuous background of drugs and alcohol in my family and I wanted to find out if there was a different way to live.

Was This A Painful Process For You?

  • No, it was an exciting process for me -  being the youngest sibling, I knew I didn’t want to follow the patterns of using drugs and alcohol... So I began to inquire into psychology. I was very curious about religion and would often go to my friend's churches to discover what they were talking about. Coming from a strict Roman Catholic family, my inquiries didn’t go over so well, but I didn’t care because I saw the contradictions in my family. Which then lead me to see the contradictions within myself and within religion and psychology. 


What Was The Main Contradication You Saw?

  • When I was studying religion, pop psychology and philosophy there was always this attempt to reach something - another state of existence, enlightenment, happiness, a sense of well-being. To me, that didn’t make sense because I had an incredible relationship with nature and I saw that everything in nature operates intelligently and rationally. But human beings, including my own family and myself, are in a state of disorder and a deep frustration and I had to figure out why.


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Did You Find Anything That Helped You Along The Way?

  • Yes, there were tons of things and people like Marcus Aurelius, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Carl Rogers, William Glassier and J Krishnamurti. But nothing was more influential than my ability to question and tear things apart and see the merit of them.


Did You Have Any "Aha" Moments?

  • I don’t think I’ve ever stopped having them and the deeper I inquire into things, the more I feel the benediction of my inquiry.


In A Nutshell, What Would You Say Human Potential Plus Is Attempting To Do?

  • It’s for people who are really fed up with the world... What I mean by this is that they see the importance of understanding the necessity for relationship. To see that there are two psychologies in the world; one that is destroying us and one that is inherited; given to us by creation and part of an unfolding order.


Do You Think This Order Can Be Reached?

  • Just by asking that question you are back into the same trap of trying to reach something! My response is why not if we remove all of the external psychology that we are conditioned into. In the removal of that movement, the other movement naturally comes into existence. The problem is we don’t really want to inquire into this external psychology of ego-self... Even though this psychology is destroying every relationship in our lives and our relationship to the Earth. Psychology has corrupted our politics, education, institutions, and our religions. 


Do You Think We Can Change It?

  • Yes of course we can if we are willing to change the psychology that is conditioned into us. The whole universe is in a state of unfolding. Humankind isn’t a part of that unfolding because we are caught in a man-made pattern of our existence. The ending of this conditioning is a renewal that is not self-generated or consciously attempted. It is a continuous perception-based action, that frees the mind from the disorder of external psychology.  The limitedness of its habits and its promises can be understood and emptied from our brains!

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Brian O'Reilly



Human Potential Plus

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Bonnie has a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from Ryerson University and has worked in a variety of positions over her career. She is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Bonnie is currently working in private practice with Brian at Human Potential Plus, but previous to that she had worked in hospital social work, in school systems and addictions and at Children's Aid. Additionally, Bonnie and Brian ran a family model treatment home for troubled youth for over 20 years! 

She enjoys working with individuals, families and groups to facilitate a new understanding of human behaviour. This inquiry  allows people to make new choices to improve the quality of their lives. 

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Bonnie O'Reilly


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