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In the arena of sport, Human Potential Plus helps teams and athletes learn the art of self-evaluation. In order to succeed under pressure, teams must learn to adapt by supporting and relying on each other. We deal directly with improving the relationships of a team by helping players to understand the actions of each other under pressure and how to be more effective leaders. At HPP self-evaluation is used as a tool to reflect and discover ways to improve practice, tactics, mental toughness and team character.

Brian brings an understanding of internal psychology and motivation. He helps your team understand the six conditions of quality that are paramount for maintaining team effectiveness and also a healthy team culture.


"What we do under pressure determines the success in what we do."

These workshops provide an insightful look into internal motivation and the habits that destroy it. On a personal level, they give athletes practical psychology that deepens their understanding of their own needs and choices in practice and competition. These workshops promote a need for constant improvement and the importance of perfect practice. By focusing on the habits that destroy effectiveness, athletes are able to engage in new psychology that promotes effectiveness. This new psychology brings about positive changes within the team and enforces a commitment to high performance.

Brian has been working with amateur, Olympic, and professional athletes for over 20 years. He has helped teams win national and international competitions in basketball, hockey, squash, skiing, and volleyball. He works with both coaches and athletes to create a winning environment that allows athletes to self-evaluate their performance and their limitations.

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