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Old vs New

The old brain is our past, living in the cycle of thought.

Thinking looks for something beyond itself. It is continually creating meaning by creating a false source and worships what it creates.Then thought lives in the denial of its limitation, it grabs hold of its next creation through idea.

The whole cycle of the old brain mixed with the thought of the new brain begins again it’s denial.

The new brain creates a center as it cannot move beyond the senses. It looks for the support from the new brain.

One acts as the observer and the other the observed, yet both trapped - one in instinct the other in time.

Neither one can rescue the other and does not have the intelligence to see the false as the false, or the truth in the perception of the false.

So, this machine of thought entangled with instinct looks for experiences to validate as it controls for perception.

The controller and what it is controlling is the self or center, created by itself which is the isolating process the center is. These instincts of the old brain and the mixture of the thinking of the new brain is the past working in the present, creating the same future as the past in time.

Meditation is the seeing of all this without any interference, created by the center who judges defends agrees and condemns. One cannot will meditation into existence as meditation is not a result or practise, it happens naturally when the game between the old and new brain is understood.

Then suffering is that movement choiceless awareness breakouts out in the ashes created by self-interest and its own ending. Perhaps there is another movement untouched by the old brain and the new brain,whatever thought calls it and the experiencer feel it is again back in the limited movement of the conflict between the old and new brain. The new brain can’t contain the energy of the old brain so it does what it must as a reaction to find security.

The very movement of finding security in what it creates becomes fixed dead and disconnecting.

There is no release from the senses and thought forever will pick them up and turn everything into a desire or repulsion. To be repulsed is self seeking pleasure, recognizing that this is not what self wants which again is desire in a more subtle form.

Meditation is the vibration contained within the emptiness of consciousness. Like a drum its vibration is the emptiness.

As long as the new brain is a slave to the old brain

There is no peace and conflict in its multiple forms will create disorder.

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