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The hate

The hate of have in my heart

How easy it is to carry hate in your heart. I do so much hate. Hate that belongs to me and hate that was put their in the roots of my consciousness. Every time an oppressor, uses their power to tear down a child a women a man we do sow that seed into human consciousness and they do take root as we are unaware of them. But consciousness is shared by humanity, and the pass transgressions are our present ones they make our future the same as the past. Hate can only be sustained by thought, so we spend so much of our time making stories up to control for perception and keep that hate in our hearts. People that hate others do so from something that is so unnatural. Love is natural as it is a movement that has nothing to do with thought or thinking. So what is a unnatural movement in a human being. Conflict, greed jealousy, fear, envy, comparison,hope,insecurity they grow out of the thinking process and destroy relationship. Love is connection in action and where their is love there is the lifting up of humanity and sense of well being. To love another is to feel the DIVINE.

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