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The crisis in the world is in your own being!

The shade of the Maple tree provided a great relief from the heat of the afternoon. The storm had passed, and an intense rain washed away the dust of the pollen in the surrounding trees. The lawn and the weeds seem to rejoice in the rain that would keep them living, strong and green. Nature seems to act without desire, it simply waits patiently and responds adequately to whatever challenge is thrown at her. The whole universe seems to be desire less, yet humankind is burdened by past, present, and future desires. Desire itself seems to be the main root of the ego self, with its incessant wants and demands.

The brain’s activity looking to find security is always desiring something. The brain has convinced itself that having desire, wants is only natural. All of human history and conditioning, the brain has been a slave to what it desires and it’s always chasing it, day in day out, moment by moment. The brain being so deeply conditioned to wanting something through desire is forever trying to fulfil its needs. Every living creature has the need to survive but human beings take survival to another level. Survival for most of us is through the acquiring of things- money, position, and power! Natures survival is completely different and has nothing whatsoever to do with thought. Every human brain is occupied day and night trying to fulfil its desire. The desire for love, the desire for sex, for pleasure, found in acquiring or achieving of material things. Without noticing that beliefs, opinions, and ideas are the material process of thought formed chemically on the brain cells.

Even the desire to be pain-free is another desire created by the circumstance of pain that we all know too well. But if the brain could be completely free from desire, what would the activity of the brain be? So much energy is wasted by the brain in desire as its main activity. Anyone who questions it is regarded as a heretic or a fool. The continuous chatter of talk, it’s endless opinions, utterings goes on constantly. A human being is a slave to thought. Thought itself hides from the one thinking, that all its opinions and utterance and incessant chatter leads to the fulfilment of some desire or want. This is really an unnatural movement! When we are not interested in acquiring anything or desiring anything we are happy and peaceful. Religious people have caught onto this notion and have expressed controlling your desires. But they do not see that the controller desires to be in control which is again another desire. It is like a person who gives up society and becomes a minimalist. The entity that desires to be a minimalist is the same entity that desires to have everything. Thinking in its very nature is always desiring some experience to transcend itself. Thinking creates the border and then always tries to push beyond its border that it itself has set, because it is never satisfied. The brain is also full of contradicting desires, one minute it wants peace the next minute its raging! One minute he’s looking for love the next minute it wants to be alone. This is how thinking keeps itself alive by living in contradiction and refuses to see that thinking in its very nature has created the mess of one’s life and then tries to be the thing that solves it. Everyone believes that their Saviour, their God, isn’t put together by their own desire. The same way we do not see that our hatred and racism springs from the desire that we are special and unique. Any uniqueness we have would truly be found when the program, how we are deeply conditioned by thinking and thought heaven ended. In the ending of thinking uniqueness would naturally come into being.

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