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our confusion

Confusion what is the source of all confusion. How do I know if I am confused?

Why is there such great unwillingness to inquire into this question? Surely if a human being was interested in living a different life and not buying into the messages of the politicians, the drug companies, the way we are educated this would be a serious question. I have raised two sons and two daughters, and I believe as a father I truly am a failure. What does it mean to be a responsible parent? To raise your children in such a way that they are better human beings than you. That is kind of one of the goals of being a parent isn’t it? Luckily for me my wife had a greater influence over my children than I did and I’m completely OK with that. All my children seem to be fairly good people, and in most of their life they are not selfish. Unfortunately for most of us living in this society, the way that is to be selfish is the classical conditioning of most brains in the world. It is a difficult question to ask, what is the source of human confusion? Which would include my own confusion because I am a human being. Most of us like myself live the most superficial life, we’re educated to fit into the economic demands of the world, to secure a job in a field and then live out one’s life doing that job. If we make quite a bit of money and acquire things that are supposed to make us happy. A life full of conflict, depression, anxiety, hurt, fear, jealousy, etc. We all seem to be suffering psychologically from the burden and weight of our thinking and thoughts. How does one find out if they are deeply confused?

There are many definitions of confusion in the dictionary, as an adjective; discomfited, rooted defeated, to throw into disorder to trouble, disturb, upset. In the 16th century, lacking orderly arrangement of parts, in the 1500s, mix or mingle things or ideas as to render the elements indistinguishable. It can also be defined as perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements, filled with bewilderment. Having lost one’s bearings confused as to time or place or personal identity, thrown into a state of disarray or confusion and the last one I just love - mentally confused, unable to think with clarity or act intelligently.

Well I can see myself and the state of human beings in the mirror of these definitions. When I was in grade 11 and facing numerous problems with how I wanted to be. I did not want to follow the crowd, enter drinking and drugs as a means to facing all of my confusion. For the people that did that the drugs and drinking seem to add more confusion so that was a sign to me to stay away from that. Like it or not, life is a series of problems thrown at us, from the simple; learning how to walk, to learning how to cooperate with people and get along. The physiological things seem to take care of themselves but the psychological problems of getting along with one another seem to be arrested and that has remained so throughout my life. The same things I noticed in grade 11, people’s inability to get along with one another because of their confusion is the same problem now at 64. Why can’t people get along with one another? Why can’t we solve any of our personal problems? We can figure out walking and eating, digesting, exercising etc. but we cannot seem to figure out psychologically how to be happy! Being a counsellor for about 40 years now I see people who are depressed, bewildered, angry, consumed with jealousy, anxiety, hurt, and trying to control other people’s behaviours. When you look and see how difficult it is to control your own behaviour, why would you even attempt to try to control someone else’s? That surely shows a lack of intelligence.

How does one look at one’s life and see if they live in other confusion?

According to one of the definitions living in contradiction. Basically, saying one thing and doing another. All of these definitions truly fit into throwing me into a state of disarray so that when I am confused, I am unable to think with clarity and act intelligently. Which seems to be most human beings on the planet. This leads one into a state of depression. There is no synonym for the word depression as we all know so well what is feels like. It is a terrible state of being, and most human being do not want to get to the bottom of it and seek release through understanding. More human beings suffer with depression more than any other mental state and it is nothing more then a product of our own confusion we do not want to acknowledge, become familiar with or inquire into so the suffering continues. In our confusion we trust doctors, counselors, therapists, priests, ministers, who suffer from the same depression and from the same confusion as you do. So what is the worlds reaction to depression? Get you on some medication talk the lingo of the DSM five so that they can feel intelligent but can’t solve their own depression. Depression is so bewildering because it’s self-inflicted by the confusion we’re in which most human beings do not want to admit to. The source of all our depression is basically our confusion. What confusion do you ask? The simplest kind! Being so profoundly confused making us bewildered with depression, can be understood if one’s brain and heart are in the spirit of true revolt. What do I mean by this revolt? That you are so sick and tired of the professionals with their pills, the priests, the ministers, the counsellors, and the therapists you will set aside all of those and take a true look at yourself. What I mean by that is not looking for the answer to solving your depression but looking in the mirror of your behaviour to see how you create your own depression. To see clearly that depressing is the active choice of thinking. What does that mean? Your brain and my brain have been conditioned for centuries to live out of thinking and thought as a means to find happiness. Thinking can only be happy for a short period of time when it feels satisfied. Satisfaction is not happiness. Most people in the world are depressed for one single reason, they cannot get the connection they need with the people in their life they want to. That is one of the main sources of depression human beings suffer with but that is far from the deepest. To really understand depression, you have to go deeply into how the whole of your being, your own consciousness is constantly creating the state of depression. And as I said before very few people are interested in really being a free human being. They do not want to go into all this, they get great mileage out of their depression. Many people end up with Tardive Dyskinesia who have been put on meds for years and then start to pay the price 10 or 15 years later their world falls apart and many commit suicide.

It has taken us approximately 7 billion years to evolve to this state through mother nature, and we surrender to a medical profession that’s been around 150 years. There is information available that proves this, that these medications actually cause mental health issues not fix them. But the pharmaceutical companies are getting rich. People are left off the hook for the poor choices, and people have an excuse for their behavior. I know these people need help, the help they need is compassion and counselling not chemicals. I’m all for giving people chemicals to keep them alive until they can get the counselling but I’m tired of hearing another teenager and adult needlessly die committing suicide. In 2022, of the shootings in the United States 98% of them have been caused by people put on medication for depression and anxiety. Nature wanted us to depress when we are unhappy rather than be angry. When we are angry your brain chemistry the nero inhibitors in your brain allow you to act out of anger and when you’re not thinking clearly you pick up a gun and shoot people, or kill yourself. As I have said before there isn’t one clinical case done by an independent organization that proves going on psychotropic medication is better than placebos. As a matter of fact, the very drugs themselves mess up the brain more and chemical dependency is strengthened. If you look at the statistics in any major city in Canada, they are alarming. How many people are using pharmaceuticals drugs and well over 95% claim they only made their situation worse in the long term. This is not rocket science it’s happening in epidemic proportions and all the pharmaceutical and medical industry is turning a blind eye to it, because of profit. Is this not a sign of our deep confusion? Profits over people and it’s thousands of years old. If you look at the food and drug administration in the United States and Health Canada They actually approve certain amounts of poison fillers in our foods, example plastic in subway subs buns, or trusting the makers of drugs to do their own research, drugs are often not tested from an independent source. If you’re interested in these topics please refer to the following books. Psychiatry may be hazardous to your mental health. Talking back to Prozac, Toxic Psychiatry, Manufacturing Madness, The myth of a chemical cure,Mad in America. All of these books are really good reads and expose what humanity will do to each other in the name of profit!

Some facts for you:

For some atypical antipsychotics, long-term side effects include tardive dyskinesia (TD), a disorder characterized by involuntary movements most often affecting the mouth, lips and tongue, and sometimes the trunk or other parts of the body such as arms and legs.

Many antipsychotics increase risk for metabolic syndrome and thus the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke (7), which are among the common causes of premature mortality in schizophrenia

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