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"good Morning"

The morning air had lost the humidity and there was a freshness, a sense of clean crisp air. The storm had removed all the particles from the air from the previous evening and well into the night. If only we could clean the brain of its past yesterday’s so all its content about itself and others was over. If we died to the previous days and let the past day end, then truly it would be a good morning. It is amazing that a simple phrase like Good Morning has such a depth to it. When we have a bad morning, we are at the effect of the past days unfinished business and carry it into the present day. The weight of the past will always burden the present and we are always carrying some burden from the past, some unmet need or hurt. A Good Morning is not morning the troubles or worries of the past day or days. Yes, I know it is spelt different but in order to have a great day one must free the brain from the past and die to all the actions of thought and thinking. This simple action is an action that is one of the most important things in life. A brain that is not caught in the past, allows for presence of mind. That mind is global and not an action of self or will or choice. Mind is the consciousness of everything which is life itself. It does no harm, and springs from a source deeper than itself. Love is the movement of mind. It is not an action to love or give. It reveals the truth of what is, regardless of what one thinks or does. It is the Spirit that is revolutionary, in its action. It is whole and without an opposite, as love has no opposite. Hatred is a movement generated by the thinking process and maintained by the thinking process therefore it is always limited. Ego self and all its piety,anxieties, worries, fears, hurts, can never know something that is without limit. All our psychological problems are contained within the limited movement of consciousness created by thought and thinking contained within the brain. Mind is not caught in the network of thought but can use thought and have it function correctly. Without contact of mind a human being is just a thinking self-centred machine in a process of deterioration wearing itself out. To see all this and be able to listen to it without trying to change oneself is to face what one is. Then one is humbled without recognizing one’s humility. One just doesn’t move from the fact of what one is and gives one’s whole attention to that fact. Like recognizing a great danger, the awareness of the danger will bring its own action whatever it may be. That is meditating in action. Planned or willful meditation is Premeditated Meditation which is an action of ego self to quiet one’s brain from the noise of thought. If a person really wants to inquire into another level of consciousness, then one must set aside the known consciousness through understanding the direction that consciousness takes. Then perhaps a benediction breaks out! I don’t know.

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