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Every moment of the day we are either a servant To thought and thinking or we serve what is! Serving what is, is serving the very act of creation itself as the brain is quiet so mind can act! Mind is then a servant of love. That love springs from a source that depends on nothing for its existence. It is the only thing that can say I am! It is without religion or belief, it understands all viewing points and sees their limitation. It demands we dropped our points of view. It’s demands we end all conflict in all our relationship, what a high call that is! It’s demands you free the brain of all its contents, religiously, politically, agnostic Or Atheist. It invites us to freedom by imprisoning us in thought and things created by thinking so our brain could have the capacity to go beyond the itself. To go beyond itself is the ending Of all psychological suffering. Suffering is the condition invented by human beings, that have not been educated to another movement deeper than the movement of thought and thinking. Naturally that is the whole purpose of education!

The truth told without love is a lie!

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