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Do I really want to find something beyond the self?

One of the greatest things in life, is to set aside the root to all our psychological problems.The natural question in all this is why? Human beings are so gullible and our strength being our intellect and the marvellous things it has created: Medicine, architecture, machines (computerized or simple), the little gizmos and gadgets that help make our life a little easier are truly marvellous. We can see the technical transition and innovation from the point of you through centuries, or in computer and quantum technologies within weeks or in some technologies with the computer within days or hours.

Since the formation of societies and human relationships small or large, human beings have always had a difficult time getting along with one another. Throughout history and every culture human beings have looked for some unifying factor that put human beings in a better position within themselves and a better society. We are forever trying to change the outward conditions of society through politics, socialism, communism and capitalism but they have all failed because of human’s greedy inward state. Thousands of years ago people decided that we need to change the interstate of a human being and get in contact with something outside of us, God or some utopia, philosophical or otherwise. This thing called God has been human beings preoccupation for the past 10,000 years. And what a ridiculous preoccupation it is. Not being able to solve the problems inwardly or the mass of conflicts outwardly, thought has invented a religion out of every person who has found a state of being within themselves that ultimately changed their psychological approach to life. Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism are all examples of how thinking can turn a person telling the truth into a religion that eventually because of man’s inward state, leads to war. But that war is just a reflection of the inward state we all are in as human beings. We are all in conflict with ourselves and therefore any religion or belief in God we form, because it’s just a belief invented by thought, creates conflict with someone who has a different belief. All this nonsense has to stop.

The question is how do you stop it? How do you find something sacred in this life?

Very few people are interested in giving up their self and closed beliefs of their religion and their self-imposed God. Just think of it for a moment, any belief you have about God is made up by your thinking put together by your own thoughts. Do you have modified thoughts that best suit you and your temperament. No one says this other person has the true understanding and meaning of God I have the wrong one and I’m going to believe mine anyway even though I know I’m wrong. There is no doubt that there has been remarkable people on this Earth, but they did not invent religion, the people surrounding them did. They did this because that person offered them comfort and they did not want to give up their way of life and truly examine their narcissism, indolence or take responsibility for their life so they decided to get onto the becoming train. Every religion states you must become something. This becoming is ridiculous. First you have to invent a picture of what sacred or holy is. That is the invention of your own brain or someone else’s. Then you’re taught to measure yourself towards your picture of sacredness or holiness or lovingness. This is nothing more than an image created by thought and thinking and is the dominant movement of the human brain. But the human brain when it is ruled by thinking is in conflict with another movement inside a human, being which is a movement not put together by thinking. You are sitting there reading this article, your heart is beating you are breathing, you’re probably digesting something, there is an intelligence operating in you that is not put together by thinking. That intelligence is who you are and it is not based on time. Can you see yourself ageing and don’t you feel that you’re not any different than you were when you were a child, that you’re being is still the same. Now be careful because when I use the word being you think there is a higher being inside you. I am not saying that. I am saying there are two movements going on in a person every second of your life. You are either following and ruled by the prison of your own thinking and psychologically caught in your own suffering created by your own thinking. Or you are inquiring into another movement that is a movement not generated by thinking or thought. It is a much subtler movement, it’s neither good nor bad but it is what it is. And that I don’t know, because it is the movement of life itself. A Mosquito has it and so does any material process in this life and beyond it’s part of a universal whole. But that movement whatever it is isn’t God either, that would be too limited and shabby. Obviously, there is a force of creation and everything created and not created comes out of that movement. I have no idea what that movement is, and my brain is too infantile to touch, understand connect with, or even be a part of. But I know this it isn’t God!!. Why do you say? Because the question of God is the whole human attempt to find some type of meaning by thinking to justify the state that human beings live in. We think that through sometime meaning, invented by thought we will find an answer. Look at what humanity has done every time it’s found an answer, we invent another thing that divides us from another person and eventually it leads to conflict or war. Whether I am warring with my parents, siblings, neighbor, people across the ocean war is nothing more than organized murder. We fight over the stupid gods when all they are, are figments of our imagination and our creative system to find meaning and purpose to our suffering. To find out if there is something beyond thought and all the religions created by thought one has the free ones mine from everything that thinking has created past present and future especially the future of hope finding an answer. Any answer thought finds is a creation of its own making and it gives the illusion that you’re standing on something solid, when actually it stays flimsy as any other religion. When you and I face and live into the ending of all images created by thinking, all knowledge that brings us a sense of solace, set aside all beliefs and opinions that we think we know only then is there a possibility for something new. Insight opens the door to something deeper than the movement of thought, no one owns insight. Thinking or the intellectual process is not the precursor to insight it’s the thing that is detrimental to it. 1 million years ago human beings were in the same state of consciousness they are today. We all think we know, and it’s very easy to see we don’t because we are surrounded, and I mean you right now, every molecule in your brain is surrounded by space- empty space. Our planet sits in empty space. Yes, our whole solar system, sits in empty space, oh just a minute our whole galaxy sits in empty space and so do all the other galaxies. Emptiness is holding everything together. If we could free the brain from all its content and become empty inside psychologically then some new movement would come into being within the person. Thought will never touch that movement, but that movement can be used by thought. Thought can never understand that movement, yet that movement knows thought. Just imagine what that means. My thinking is so petty and limited, to which I give great significance, because I’m such a dehydrated, petty human being. If I am to have a rich life I must let go of the pettiness that I am. To see through this pettiness is a momentary occurrence continually. There is no room for God in human existence, if we are to truly live in peace and love and compassion with each other.

It is all the religions with all their content, all our personal beliefs, believing in God or being an atheist is just another form of beliefs invented by thought. To question everything thought has created, and set it aside is the only movement of sanity. Then perhaps life takes on tremendous depth and significance. A significance not created by our petty little thoughts and thinking but a significance that springs from the source of life and emptiness. We are told by physicists that emptiness contains more energy than somethingness. Contact with that source, is a life examined and worth living!

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