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Being displaced

The winds were howling outside. Yet the air felt strange and had a sense of warmth to it on this December 22, 2021. There were wonderful Christmas carols being played on Internet radio. The Christmas songs that had you want to stop and really take in the music. From the beautiful voices to orchestras that really played as one, deeply affected the quality of the music being produced. There was a stillness in this morning,it was 4 AM. The dogs didn’t give me any notice as they were sleeping on the mats content and warm. Every so often the wind would howl and again fall back into a deep silence.

What does it mean to feel displaced.? (According to Oxford remove to a different place, put out of the usual place)!

As we as all contest,Covid has done this to all of us. We all feel a little or a lot displaced. Everything because of Covid has been taken off its natural place and the most simple tasks become complex with a series of rituals that must be accomplished before we can satisfy our needs. This tends to up the frustration level in most people including myself. Then you throw global warming and what is happening around the earth and you can see that it is only natural that when the earth is displaced, everything on the earth becomes displaced as well. There is a relationship to everything. Humanity does not see that everything is in relationship to one another. When you practice external psychology and all the habits like criticizing, blaming, guilting, humiliating, punishing,rewarding to control, thinking you know what’s best for other people and ramming it down their throats, forcing them to do things they don’t want to do. We are often blind to that very practice of external psychology that destroys the relationship between you and another. We do not seem to understand that we have a choice in our life to be the person we want to be. It is difficult to see that thought and thinking itself is displaced. But that is how the brain is condition with the psychology that has been put into us from the outside world. We have been conditioned to build an image of our self by assimilating the conditioning Of our parents that they got from their parents and all the way back. Human beings are behaving with animal instincts intangled in the thought process which brings forth a displacement.

Most people think, that they are their thinking but cannot see the relationship between themselves and their thinking. This is terrifying for most people because they do not want to really understand what is going on in their own consciousness. We all think and have been conditioned to think that we are individuals. But we do not want to gain an understanding of the falseness of this because it is so terrifying for most of us because we cling to the things created by thought that give us a sense of identity but also cause of our displacement.

On the most simplest scale if I call myself a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Jew, I am contributing to global insecurity because the identification with a religion creates a relationship built on separateness. Where there is division there will always be conflict brought about by division. The same way if I have a belief that a son or daughter should live certain life according to me and ram it down their throat‘s my identification with my belief destroys the relationship with that person. So many people who can’t get along with other people can’t see that they’re the source of their own misery. That their personal beliefs created by their own thinking that is bringing about a sense of displacement. Anything that’s sinking creates except for technological things is displaced. Displaced in the sense that thinking is operating out of its place. Whenever thinking does, action out of its place leads to illusion. This is called righteousness! Righteousness is the act of displacement created by our piety little egos. That is why religious people are always so righteous peddling and pushing their beliefs systems on people and then cannot see the damage they are doing. This is happening right under their own nose which is creating conflict and personal wars in their life with people. Soon those personal wars and conflicts is nothing more than a mirror showing their lack of relationship. Which leads to the larger conflicts going on globally. we do not want to see that our personal disorder and external control of other people in our lives is creating the global picture and chaos. People can’t see that being identified with a country or religion or one’s personal beliefs is the movement of thinking and thought that is creating all the displacement going on inside and outside of there being. So what is it that I am proposing. Well absolutely nothing! To understand the feeling of displacement is to understand your reaction to a situation that is mirroring to you, yourself interest and attachment, which always leads to pain called HURT. Whenever you are hurt psychologically is it not because you have built an image of yourself or a situation and someone comes in and offends the image you have of yourself and you feel hurt. This like displacement is another self-imposed psychological condition created by giving supreme importance to whatever thnking creates. Why is it that we cannot look at how poorly educated we are? Even if you have a PhD in anything and you have not understood yourself and your relationship to things you live life as a learned ignoramus.

COVID-19 is real and I know several people who have died from it. People are still arguing about where the virus came from and some giant conspiracy theory or governmental cover-up. Because they can’t handle the single truth, we have destroyed the earth because of our relationship to the earth and Covid is just the beginning. For the next 50 to 60 years of our life there is going to be more of these events globally. Until humanity changes fundamentally and puts thinking and all the things created by thinking in their place. Until we change our psychology and step out of these ridiculous religions, political identifications with countries the earth will not be in a position to heal itself. Human beings must radically change by means not created by thinking! The content of consciousness which makes up who and what you think you are is thousands of years old dressed up in new clothing called you, passed on to every generation in a new way. It is like wearing a new suit then as you live your life accumulate wealth and fame discover that is the old suit. But how self trick in its nature convinceS us the old pattern is the new! When this happens to most people,they just keep going accumulate more and more and slip farther and farther away into delusion. They get lost in their own self importance and ignorance to a deeply profound spiritual movement that asks for them to be nothing. If you look around this beautiful,wonderful earth, and take time to gaze at the heavens you see very clearly that nothing is holding everything together. There is tremendous beauty in this. To be nothing means you have a treasure that reveals your relationship to everything and therefore you are free of the burden of yourself. That state of being is the expansion and essence of love. To want to free your brain from any of the psychological human problems of fear, loneliness, depression, greed, hatred, or any of the premises of external psychology is loves high call. Human beings on this planet can bring about disaster and annihilation, but we can also work with the earth and each other to bring about paradise on earth. Thought must be put in its place! We don’t want to see that all human beings are infected with a virus called external control psychology which is our true Covid. The problem is there is no vaccine against irrationality. To understand how irrational thinking is, except in technological matters, which is where thinking has its place! This Is one of the most important and difficult things in life. This is truly the religious question! But very few people are interested in real religion. A religious mind does not belong to any organization or belief system it sees clearly that all this has been brought about by thinking and thought. That which is brought about by thinking and thought will always be limited as thinking is a product of a memory, which becomes knowledge and it is the weight of knowledge that is preventing us from understanding ourselves and what it means to get over our displacement.

Please think of any relationship in your life or you feel displaced and you will see the weight of your own thinking or the weight of the other persons thinking that is preventing relationship. It’s so simple! If any of you are interested in all this please feel free to attend a Sunday night group, that either happens through zoom in these trouble times or In person at Sandy’s place. YES IT IS FREE, OPEN TO ANY AGE. OR JUST EMAIL ME FOR TIMES AND ADDRESS. Peace and love and have a happy Christmas

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