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think, thinking, thought

It was a quiet morning, the lilac trees were in full bloom deep purple, light purple and white. The scent off the bushes of lilac premade in the air and blended with the perfume from the snowball tree that was blossoming brilliant white. One could catch a smell of each different scent and it seemed to open up one to the source of all beauty with a lighten heart. It was a warm day, humid with the promise of a coming rain. The grass hadn’t been cut in sometime, so it was thick and green, but the taller blades were slightly browning for it hadn’t rained in sometime.

Why is thinking so pervasive and why does it dominate our lives? Everything in nature that is alive does not contain the burden of thinking like human beings. All of nature is in continuous action adopting moment to moment to the breeze, to the amount of sunshine or rain, winds; the goings-on of people. Humankind on the other hand is a slave to thought. From the time we wake up from the time we go to sleep at night, the brain is always active in thought. Even in sleep the brain is dreaming, which is another activity of thought and thinking and it never seems to shut off or shut up! This effect on the brain where we agree or not perhaps give birth to senility. As human beings are now living longer dementia and senility seem to be on the rise. If the brain is active with thinking continually and has no quiet moments and never empty, how can it possibly renew and refresh? After years of conflict caused by psychology of external control, which is the consciousness of self, the brain definitely wears out. We all seem to know so well the energy of conflict and we think through conflict our life is meaningful. Experiencing is what the brain is doing all the time, the taking in of information. The brain is designed with the senses to take in information and run it through its knowledge filter and place a value on it. Whatever value it places on that information, unless technical will create a psychological entity called ego self. The Ego self is the centre of consciousness that is always reshaping information by controlling for perception as it builds its image of itself and therefore other people. Having an image of oneself and therefore images of other people, is the distortion of thinking itself as it creates a subjective and self-centred representation of one’s life. Anything that thought or thinking creates psychologically creates a neurosis that leads to sorrow. Constantly being consumed with one’s self-image thought is always reflecting upon and judging others and projecting images about them. This is the nature of thought and it gives rise to the nature of self and its distortions. Thinking does not want to see it is nothing more than a material process. One can clearly see that thinking and thought is a material process by looking at the source of thought, thought springs from experience. One experiences something, thought moves in and makes it part of its memory which becomes its knowledge from which it then again has another experience. This means that the experience is a product of thought, past memories reacting to the present experiences giving rise to memories, as if it is something new. Thought and thinking can never be new, because they are always a product of memory from past experiences and self is always trying to hide that. If you had an experience where someone hurt you, that hurt becomes part of your memory and when someone comes along and hurts you again, now you think that the hurt is different from the hurt in the past but it’s actually the same hurt attitude in the present. To understand the nature of thought and the thinker is to see the limitation of experience. Humankind is obsessed with chasing new experiences that are supposed to bring fulfilment through pleasure and don’t understand that whatever gives you pleasure will give you pain.

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