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You have been programmed to be an Individual

You have been programmed to be an individual!

It was a hot day, the cicadas were busy loud, using their sound to cope with the heat of the day. The tree frogs were also loud and consistent in their croaking. The cicadas start off barely audible, then increasing their intensity and come to a crescendo and slowly die off. The tree frogs just kept a steady beat and were oblivious to the music of the cicadas. It all had a sense of deep enjoyment, just to listen without the commentary of thought. Just now when I start to write this little meaningless paragraph, enjoyment and its description is not the described. It is but a reflection of what was and can easily be turned by thought into an experience, as pleasurable and then demand it’s repeat, and chase the past as most of us do. We are so addicted to pleasure and what was genuine can soon be made into a demand by thought. Human struggle day in and day out is trying to find pleasure, we have forgotten about enjoyment. Pleasure in its very nature is short lived and a distraction from the pain of our daily living. For it is in our daily living we are criticized, harassed, bullied, hurt, anxious and afraid! Therefore, pleasure take on extraordinary meaning to human beings and that pleasure soon ends up causing us great pain. When we measure our lives through the eyes of pleasure we are always in fear of pain and when the pleasure will end. Then when the pleasure ends we are back again into our petty lives and a meaningless existence created by the conditioning of our own thinking. To be in a state of enjoyment is what children naturally live in, for they are full of wonder and experience things directly and not through their knowledge filter or valuing filter of their thinking but in direct contact with what they are doing. That direct contact is wth listening, that state of taking everything in and seeing what it is reveals to us the beauty of what is. One cannot force oneself to have enjoyment for enjoyment naturally is when the mind and the brain are working together in a state of inquiry and discovery into what is happening without any preconceived notions or preoccupations with self and what it wants! To enjoy is to want nothing but what is. To meet it fresh and clean of all thought.

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