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We just don't get the point.

We just don’t want to get the point

The sun had nearly set, the sky in the west was golden orange, with little hints of red. The flames of the fire drew one in to the marvel that fire has. It seems to warm ones being yet in a strange way, one can feel the age of sitting at that fire. There is something so ancient about it. The effect of the fire and the soft music of Chris Botti on the trumpet easily lead one into a state of quietness not induced by thought. The music and sitting by the fire was deep, full and rich. Thought would try to start up but paying attention to the fire and the music drew it silent. How we are in such a rush to accomplish, to achieve. Thought is always comparing one thought to another, fragments judges the first thought as it moves to the second and fragments again and creates the third thought and before one knows it, thought is racing in any direction with a preconceived importance of what it is thinking about. Thought is such a limited thing, giving itself qualities, it does not have. Thought thinks it is eternal, but anything that is dependent on anything else is not eternal. Like the fire it must have fuel and oxygen in order to exist. Thought simply starts by having an experience, creating memories from that experience which it turns into knowledge stored in the brain. The self we are is just a projection of our memories, a bundle of nerves proclaiming it’s so important. How we cling to what we know and refuse any other way of existing. When we live out of knowledge collected over time we set a process in motion that continually fools us. We are not our knowledge, we are must deeper than that. But whatever thought concludes what we are, we are not that. Thought always wants to be right and find security and comfort it creates. We are not the culture we were born into. The culture provides a false sense of security. Therefore, to be without nationality, religious or political affiliation is to live an intelligent life. For mechanisms put together by thought has been humankind’s deepest burden. For all affiliation and association with things created by thought or the hand has divided the world economic and socially creating great disparities or this beautiful planet. To listen to the cries of earth, the oceans, rivers, lakes and forests, for they have no religious, political, economic, nationalistic affiliation. They are free because the limitation of knowledge is unimportant or insignificant to them. We need the earth, without us it would come back it balance. If we don’t change our behaviour we may extinct ourselves. Whenever any human being gives priority to what they think as in what is best for another we move towards making that relationship with that person move toward relationship extinction. This means you kill the relationship by how you think about the person or situation that puts you in conflict with them. This always was and always will be. Relationship will go into extinction too. When we lose a species of animal because we take away their environment you destroy the relationship they have with their environment - they die out. Has not what you think built a wall between and another? When that wall becomes thicker and thicker, eventually the relationship no longer exists, it goes into extinction because of one’s own doing. To be in conflict with another or oneself is to not accept oneself or the person the way they are! The way they are is an attempt to live their life through their own needs. The same needs you have just different perspectives on how to satisfy them. Let people alone stop judging yourself because the level to which you judge yourself you judge another.

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