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We can open the window but the breeze will come in when it wants. 

One sat and listened to the rain on the skylights for quite some time. The earth hungry for a drink must have felt happy about the rain that quenched it’s thirst. Early in the morning the sunrise is slow as the sky was cloudy. A Cloudy sky gives the earth with no sun on it a dreary feeling. Another day, a chance to learn and set aside the trivial the self important and a chance to discover the relationship between things and the freedom it brings.

Mr. Webster says Definition of vulgar

: lacking in cultivation, perception, or taste : COARSE

: morally crude, undeveloped, or unregenerate : GROSS : ostentatious or excessive in expenditure or display : PRETENTIOUS : offensive in language : EARTHY : lewdly or profanely indecent : generally used, applied, or accepted

He perceived himself to be different, someone wise and he wanted to talk things over. He had been to a talk at the Staysh In Goderich. He said it was the first time he had heard someone speak and it seem to have an effect on him. Then I read what you put on Facebook and for some reason afterwards I am bothered. I want to ask you questions but my wife will not let me reply. She feels because other people will judge me and therefore judge her for the communication I have with you. So I cannot reply on Facebook. I know that sounds rather trivial but that is the frustration between my wife and I and I am not here to talk about that. I think you are a vulgar man sir, And you need to mind what you say! Yes sir I am definitely a vulgar man. But before we keep talking discussing together can we look up the meaning of the word vulgar. Well I know the definition it basically means profane, low class! Well sir you basically nailed me profane low class but I think you left out common and morally crude. I see you consult the dictionary he said rather curiously! Yes sir I do! I believe it is the Bible of words. There you are doing it again being vulgar! Sir please I have admitted to you that I am vulgar and I have no excuse for it that’s what the self is! So you are vulgar again and you are telling me that myself is vulgar! Sir is that not true aren’t you vulgar? Well what do you mean I don’t see myself as vulgar. I understand that sir but please if you don’t mind I am not trying to offend you. you put something to me you called me vulgar I call myself in and look at myself and I see the fact of my own vulgarity. That seems simple to me. I listen to what you have to say and I call myself in to see if there is any truth or falseness and what you were saying. When I look at myself I see the absolute truth that the self that I am, is vulgar. Given the definition we are using which in itself is vulgar, meaning common to all people I am that! Well I don’t think I’m that I am a well educated man with 2 masters degree. That is awesome sir you’re well schooled,far smarter than I am. Just because you have an education that doesn’t make a person smart. Sir I see what you are saying and I believe that is true to be educated and to regurgitate knowledge and receive a degree In no measure of intelligence. Sir if you don’t mind, can you see your own vulgarity. I don’t see myself as a vulgar person. In the matters of being a whole human being Is it intelligent to have conclusions about yourself or another. I feel you were backing me into a corner, if I say no then you have convinced me to think like you. And if I say yes then I am in conflict with you and then because of the conflict I would probably become vulgar towards you. In both ways you will win! Sir I did not know we were having a competition I am asking you a simple question. Is it intelligence to have a conclusion about yourself or anyone? I am asking you to look at the falseness or perceive the truth of what I am saying that is all. That truth does not belong to me or to you, it is the vulgar truth which means common to all. OK I see what you mean and I concede! Sir I am not asking you to concede anything. If you are conceding, you are not considering what I am saying and therefore we will be blocked in our conversation and we cannot find out for ourselves what is false and therefore cannot move towards the truth. You are making my brain hurt, after your talk at the Staysh you gave me a massive headache. Now you are doing the same thing again but I also see I am enjoying this conversation it isn’t like anything else I have. I have talked to a few people in the area, I feel something very radical in talking with you and where are you speak from. I am not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. But I do enjoy it! I enjoy talking to you as well it’s been a pleasure. Sir it is vitally important to understand In this life,where you are inside yourself. That place is common to all of us. We are vulgar, profane, indecent, and deeply immoral. That is what Self is. The question is can that self be dismantled and is there another movement that is deeper than the self. Every time you love another, and act of kindness, compassionate, end your self interest the other movement is. We can open the window but the breeze comes in when it wants to. Life is in control of us, it is an illusion to think we are in control of life

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