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We can be so much more

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

The long shadows of the evening made by the setting sun was breathtaking. The noise of thought was not! Only perceiving was going on, a deep appreciation for the garden, a farmer who planted his corn and the evening sky. How beautiful it all was once thought is held in abeyance.

Humankind is so programmed and our brains have been addicted to this program for centuries, it has taken humans far away from their potential. We all have the same brain, run by the same program as each one of us has parents who went through their life stuck in that same program asleep to it as we are asleep to ours. We are not educated to question very deeply, but only to question on the superficial level of solving problem intellectually. This is highly sought after but only to fit into a framework of a program that puts profit above people. For centuries humankind has been trying to use political power as a means for change. Whatever change happens through revolt is an intellectual process and will always be steps behind what is needed.

We have been educated like it or not to make knowledge the most important part of education, to become something, to make an effort to progress in a way that degrades ourselves and therefore others and those closest to us. We love knowledge far more than people, the constant pressure to be right and in control through a psychology that cripples our mind and twists our heart. The self, the psychology that each one of us has is a product of thought and thinking. It is thought and the thinker. It tries to pretend it is something, that it is not! Self, thought, and knowledge are nothing more than memory derived from experience which becomes our knowledge from which we’ve had an experience. The self is nothing more than an accumulation of these experiences of the past, pretending it’s alive in the present and projecting itself into the future. Thinking is a material process, memories stored in the brain cells as content. Whatever content is on the brain cells, the self that is this content is a limited thing put together through time, pretending it is eternal and everlasting that is why it is terrified of death. To live fully one must understand the nature and structure and the vitality of what death is. To die to the content, one has accumulated and creates all of one’s anxieties, fears, hurts and petty jealousies is the death of the content. In the death of self with all its beliefs opinions, content, images about itself and others one has insight into living life completely differently. This creates great affection and care. We say we love but we hang onto the content of ourselves and others and stay trapped in the prison of our own making.

As a silent sun spills over the corn, so green the setting sun gives the bats, now frantic with gathering their evening meal feast on the bugs. Darting back and forth with great precision. All of nature is in Harmony and everything seems to have its place. The place that we have as human beings can only be shown when ones stops becoming anything. To face yourself, to see your indifference to others and this marvellous earth brings about a death, that leads to an awakening beyond measure. This means we have our place but only if we see that any place that thinking makes for us is an Illusion. To be well placed in society and have status, is no measure of success. Relationship is the greatest thing in life and thinking and thought can’t be in relationship because relationships is without limit! Relationship is order and order is always renewing itself without the limitation of thought. Humankind is not created by thought we are part of the order of nature. Nature obviously has a source from which it sprang. That source is the movement of everything and nothing. It is the space between two roses and the rose itself. It is the only thing that is always and will be. One can’t go to the source it is there to be perceived when one sets aside all becoming and the noises and lies of thought like religion, philosophy, yoga, meditation that are all put together by knowledge as rituals traditions and practices. We are luminous beings, beings who can love the earth and protect its bounty. We can end the conflicts and suffering created by thought and knowledge. We can Love one another and see past culture and the identity that is created through thinking and knowledge. We are not Christians Muslims Hindus or Jews. We are not Americans, Canadians, Russians, South Africans. We are one people, one planet, one organism with one mind. To live life to the fullest and honour the source of all life seems to bring clarity and with that, joy!

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