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The Drum

IF only I could be empty like the drum. It was made with delicate care and carved from a large tree. I did not know how old it was but it had an ancient quality to it. The skin on the drum was pulled so tight, and attached to the wood with a large string that held it in position. To take the drum stick and strike the drum in different places give off a deep rich sound. The vibration of it was so deep it seem to move all the other things in the room, as they felt it. If you strike it in a different place the vibration was consistent but the pitch of the sound changed. I marvelled at how a pair of hands that moved and built this drum also was able to play it. As this person struck the drum he seemed to know the exact sound it would produce, and then the rhythms started simple and then became more complex and the whole room and the people in it seem to be intoxicated by the drummer and the wonderful sound he was making. As I watched his subtle yet strong hands move across the skin of the drum with tremendous precision, his eyes were closed. As if the rhythm he was playing was sacred to him and he lost himself in that rhythm and I didn't take long till I joined him. When it was over our eyes met and we exchanged smiles and a deep appreciation for the emptiness of the drum. It is truly amazing when we are not a slave to our thinking. When all thought stops, and we are not preoccupied with our daily problems and worries, life is full and rich. When we are empty of all our images and the image maker, the ego self is not constructing any about ourselves or anyone else. Then the misery of our lives created by our thinking and the need to be psychologically secure have come to an end. We poison all the relationships in our life because this self, put together by thought and what thought creates is in constant pursuit of its own creations. Thinking creates an image of God, and then worships that image, but has forgotten the fact that what ever image one has of God it is a projection of our own thinking, yes we created it. Regardless of what image we have and what we create we talk endlessly about love but live in contradiction to it. One doesn't see that the person they are or long to be, is a creation of their own thinking and they worship themselves. In any human relationship self importance reflected through one's constant preoccupation with oneself eventually, will destroy every relationship it is involved with. Thought is always creating beliefs, and then trying to live by them, which always ends up in disaster and disappointment. Thinking and thought being insecure continually live in fear, that is why it is always attempting to give self and what it creates supreme importance.

To be empty like the drum is to discover that emptiness is the foundation of love! To love is to be nothing, and in that nothingness everything is available to you. That everything is the movement of order, and that order is not put together by anything that thought can touch. One cannot think their way to order, it is only by understanding the disorder that one comes to freedom, without any effort. The deep rich sound of the drum is created by the intensity of the skin pulled across it. To pay attention to the whole of consciousness is to end all of our disorder and contradiction. Then emptiness is, that emptiness it's holding the whole universe together.

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