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My appalling selfishness

None of us want to be or were created to be selfish. That has been put into us and is the program running and dominating our brains. The very fact you were sitting reading this your brain takes and has a self-centred viewing point. You see things according to your perception, to the left of you and to the right of you. Which means you are straight dab in the middle of everything. That is the perspective of the brain. If you turn in your chair, things are always to the left and the right of you giving you a self centred picture that puts you at the centerpoint of everything. When we are sitting in a room amongst a whole bunch of people there are things to our left and a right. So the brains perception is they are at the centre of what is going on.

The second conditioning we have, is that when we were first born we experience the world through our own senses. The fact that we do this means that our senses are always taking in information. If a person is born blind their hearing sense or touching sense or smelling sense becomes more acute. This is the brains way of gathering information to interpret the world it lives in.

The third conditioning of the brain naturally happens when we experience something we turn it in to a memory and place it on a knowledge filter which is the sum of everything we know up to this point. As we grow and our brain becomes more capable of making out peoples faces, and voices that are talking to us, so an infant hearing sounds learns words, words become sentences, sentences become paragraphs. We all accumulate phonetically sounds, words that form our thoughts and we believe these thoughts are who we are in the process of accumulating language. All of language is and accumulative process. Each one of us around the world regardless of our culture form a identify called self from the culture we live in, therefore are prejudiced by our culture and its influences called are experience. you are nothing put a collection of experiences. this means that your experience is full of prejudiced and is culturally based. All culture is self-centred and selfish. This movement within the human brain has been going on for thousands of years. Yet every generation thinks that the movement in their brain which is the culture put into them from the outside world is unique to them. They never seem to question if every brain is accumulating the thinking from the outside world and identifying who they are with that thinking then we're all the same? Truly this is not the organic movement of the brain. There must be a deeper movement in the human brain that transcends thinking. When the earth was formed there were no countries it was one earth. Human beings have created a subjective reality, called yourself. You identify with your name, with your family, with your country, with your religion, with your beliefs systems, with your occupation, as a means to find a sense of psychological security. This is the deepest conditioning going on in the human race trying to find psychological security while creating identification that prevent it from happening because these very identifications create division amongst people,therefore we live in contradiction.

The 4th way we condition ourself to be ruthlessly self centered, unknown to us, is to become attached to people, a relationship in your life that is supposed to give you a sense of psychological security. Or we attach to our identifications like our jobs, the house we live in the car we drive, or our money, awards or achievements as a means of psychological security. This of course leads us to comparison and in comparison there was always great insecurity. This is the essence of what culture is and we are all brought up in a culture doing the same thing trying to satisfy our needs, thinking we are so different and separate from others. The very nature of culture creates its own divisions and the very things that are beautiful about the culture gets lost and what the culture provides for us a false sense of psychological security. Nothing is secure in life, at any given moment you could find, you could find out you have a terminal illness, you're wiped out by a tornado or taken by a drunk driver. All of these things do happen and that is why for most of us we are terrified of death! Death is the ending, and most of us are terrified of the ego self ending. All of nature reaches its potential and then dies. Like the two roses in this picture, the scent of the rose available to anyone regardless of culture, skin colour, irrational or sane. Hatred has a cause, created by thinking and sustained by thinking, rooted in a ruthless self-centeredness. Love has no cause and is unlimited and we were all conceived in it! When the preoccupation of self ends with is a death of a material process of accumulated knowledge, then there is the flowering of love and the true movement of what it means to be human. Then there is no need to compare oneself with anyone, and one understands that comparison is just an act of self-centredness.

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