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The Movement Is Available To Everyone

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

It was a beautiful morning in mid June. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the rain of yesterday had made everything pristine and clean. Even the dirt road beside the house threw no dust as cars passed by. The earth had drank from the gift of the clouds. There was a stillness in the air in the early morning yet everything was coming to life. Once again the squirrels were at the top of the trees from their holes popping their heads in and out searching for the Hawks that live near us. All of a sudden, one would hear the noise of the Bluejay protesting something or alarming other birds that the freeders were his.

Covid has taken it’s toll on many people. One way or another it has affected us all. The small towns are devastated and many will lose their livelihood. Most of the children at school are totally fed up with online programs and the bullying of teachers. Those teachers are merely reacting to the pressure of the boards that they must adhere to. The authority of the boards in the authority of the teacher affects the student in a way that adds to the depression of Covid. The stress on parents trying to convince their children to do their lessons have deepened their appreciation of teachers. People who are conscientious and cannot work suffer the burden of finding meaning and purpose in their life without work. There is an increase in drug and alcohol use as well as relationship discord be it in the marriage or among siblings dealing with their frustration of the days that just blend together as the stifling of the psychological needs brings a sense of great uncertainty.

Most people's lives are on hold and all predictability is pointless. Unfortunately, when humankind is in trouble most people who are not in the wake of the trouble self-destruct and choose a psychology of external control that makes their life more miserable. Very few people see the blessing of Covid. The message nature is giving us to examine how we do what we do. Human beings are just one species on a huge planet. This planet is a living breathing organism that is alive and intelligent. When we don’t cooperate with that intelligence the Earth been in constant movement to keep it self fresh and alive, it will illuminate any threat even if in a species of animal call human.

Most of us have lost our sensitivity to ourselves and have become dependent on outside things and the authority of others to tell us how we should live our lives. When everything we need to know is inside us, and if we were educated rightly, we would honour our gifts given to us by nature and make a livelihood for ourselves the prioritized our happiness and relationship. The etymological meaning of the word education means to draw out, not stuff in. Education for most of us has become redundant and focused on the gathering of knowledge rather than the inquiry into one's gifts. Drawing out a sense of meaning and purpose through the nurturing of these gifts. When you fill your head with other people's knowledge and are conditioned by that knowledge to become some thing you are not, you set people up for confusion and disinterest. When you tell people that they need an education and force them into an education that does not honour their gifts, they slowly lose interest in themselves and slip into depression.

Most human beings in their life are doing a job for an income, not a creative nurturing of their talents and interests and then wonder why they are so unhappy, miserable and addicted to pleasure. With this great unhappiness that addiction to pleasure causes people seek help and again are lied to. When we are educated to fill our heart with the things of the mind, we age in a way that leads to great self importance and self interest and become fed up with the world. We want to be left alone, take our happy pills and not address our suffering and free ourselves from that! When we are conditioned to filled our hearts with the things of thinking has put together we lose all sight of what is really important and live in tolerable conflict with most people.

All conflict has a cause put together by thinking. Where one is reacting to information, telling other people what’s best for them, criticizing, blaming, punishing and rewarding it leads to greater disconnection and suffering. Love has no cause and insight and compassion have no cause. To be kind to another is to be kind to one self and not the other way around. For the self is a movement created by thinking and is devious and corrupt and preoccupied with its own self interest. Love has no self interest and being without cause it listens. That listening without giving direction or taking direction is the action that heals. To see things as they are brings about its own freedom. Any practice self takes to move towards freedom is an act of bondage. The self being an entity created by thinking is void of love. Where self is love is not! That love is what is permeating the Earth this quiet still morning. That movement is available to everyone!

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