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Happiness just is!

The early morning breeze had a power to it that was crisp cool and without the intensity of the previous humidity. The changes of nature and the dance of the leaves spectacular shades of green made possible by the evening rain.

Anything that thinking has not put together has its own freedom it’s own beauty and its own sense of sacredness.

We are a part of nature but never reach our potential because we are caught in the things put together by thinking that limit us for being all that we can be.

Each generation blames the selfishness and the atrocities discovered from the past on the present day government. They are unaware of the ugliness that their selfishness breeds in their daily activities and are no different from past generations violence and indifference. 

We claim to love our children and spouses yet we are full of criticism, punishment and cruelty. We are always measuring what they should or should not do and where there is a measuring in relationship, that relationship has nothing whatsoever to do with love. All throughout history human beings have been caught in the same pattern trying to Fulfil their needs and at the same time preventing others from meeting their’s. Most of our relationships are tied to the string of conflict as it always raises its ugly head and creates division and separation and the feeling of isolation. We are programmed to be individuals, but we are all suffering from the same psychology that cripples our lives. Most human beings are deeply wounded by the hurt of their past. But they cannot see that their thinking has built an image of who what they are, out of the need to be psychologically secure that this great hurt has created. One can only be hurt when one is attached to someone or something even if it is an idea. The question is, is it possible to free the mind from all the past hurts and not create any future hurts. That means that the human mind has to set aside all past hurts. This can be done if one is willing to inquire and investigate the very nature and the structure of that thing called the self. Every human brain has created out of their own cognition or thinking an entity they refer to as themselves. This entity called the self is an outside movement created by experience, memory, and knowledge. You learned your own name by hearing it several times by your parents from the outside which they project into you. However the self Looking for security refuses to listen to the truth of such a statement. Every sound, word and sentence you have learned is a process of thinking and all thinking is the outside moved in. You were not born a Christian or a Hindu or a Muslim, a Canadian,American, or British. You were born into those and have excepted that they are you and you are that. When the fact is you were not born anything! You were born nothing and the longer you stay nothing the happier you are. To love is to be nothing because the self as the measurer,judger, liker, disliker,comparer, has come to an end. Self is external psychology movement that is always reacting, taking information personally, trying to change other people,having moral purpose to its behaviour, knowing what’s best for other people, and identifying who it is with material things, created by knowledge. All those identifications created by thinking in beliefs and opinions is the very nature of self taking psychological security in what it has created ,inviting anxiety and fear. As this self is operating in every person the question is can it be transcended, or set aside! To catch yourself and unloving and full of your self interest and be fully aware and awake to it is the greatest gift. Then there is nothing for self, or the human being to reach or come upon. Seeing your unlovingness and the falseness of it Is the flowering of love and truth. Love and truth is a movement that Self can never know, touch or reach. Any image or picture that self creates of what is sacred or holy is another movement of self interest. As the warmth Of the day comes to a close the active bees balancing in the changing breeze gathering what they need from the wild clover abundant on our lawn. Nature always operates in order. Humankind is part of nature but because we are caught in the network of thought and thinking we love to create Significance to our suffering we inflict on ourselves and others in our relationships. The bees that live into what they are, meet the challenge of their life without thinking or any reference to thought. Our brain was not intended to be dominated by thinking and real freedom is freeing one’s brain from the accumulation of all knowledge except technical. Then happiness is!

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