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Being a Slave to thought

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Not a tree is moving in the thick humidity of the morning. The heat of yesterday is lingering and as the sun rose the tops of the corn appeared golden in colours red and yellow. The corn close to the road was covered in a layer of dust from the heat of the day. The earth garden and the old chestnut trees were shedding their leaves early because of the heat and were thirsty for moisture. The earth was scorched, so thirsty with no promise of rain. They said a cold front was moving in and the possibility of rain would happen tomorrow or the next day. The dogs sitting at my feet were attentive to everything that was happening on the lawn and in the bushes around us. Their ears were up and because the trees were not even making a sound the quietness was deafening. The chestnut trees without their needed water we’re dropping their leaves so early. The intelligence operating in the tree knows how to give rise to surviving the seasons of its life. Human beings caught in the network of thought and thinking constantly give supreme importance to what they think puts them in a state of sorrow. That deep sorrow is the burden of every human brain.  If one can have insight into the stupidity of psychological thinking, perhaps if one is serious one can move beyond the suffering caused by conflict. Thinking is so clever it hides the fact that our belief system whatever it be personal, religious, political, or just the image we have of ourselves is the root to all our misery and suffering. Being so deeply anxious is always tied to our feelings of inadequacy and insufficiency in the present relationship or in some scheme that thinking has put together. We are anxious because the very nature of thought itself is anxious as it wants something permanent, something it can depend on, and something it can hold onto and that is why we cling to our prejudice. Any religious, political or personal, point of view is full of prejudice. But our thinking is so deceptive it does not appear that we are prejudice, but that we are deep believers in something religion, god, beliefs, opinions, a self-image, an image of another, and we are committed to hold to our prejudice because we are right. That needing to be right is the heart of our indifference to the earth and each other. It’s what keeps us conflicted in ourselves and with another! Then thought cleverly blames the other, thickening the wall of prejudice, increasing our denial of what we are and in fact creating our own sorrow. This leads to the destroying of relationship between human beings and becomes the easy path of most human beings. This all of course can be fixed by the willingness to see the fact of what we are, how we operate, and the willingness to not change but only to understand the whole limitations of thought and thinking. Then like an apple that is ripe, thought falls away and something new comes into existence! That existence cannot be approached by anything thought can do or not do. It is there for everyone at any time if one is willing to wake up to the deprivation and limitation of thought. Thought, only has its place in the technological world. The background noise of thought and our slave to it, is thinking operating out of its place and that is the global brain caught in the conditioning of external control Psychology. 

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