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What does it mean to be aware? Most people think that through diligent practice of things like mindfulness or meditation they can create awareness and stay in that state. It is possible to be aware of your thinking, but the thing that is aware of its own thinking quickly fools us to think that it is different. In other words the thinker is always trying to pretend that it is not the thought that it is thinking. This sounds rather complex but it is very simple if one sets ones mind to it. Right now you are sitting here reading what is on this page. The entity that is reading it is your self. But the self that is reading this is put together by all your past thoughts and past felts as well as your modified thoughts in the present which create the way you feel right now.

The thinker is his or her thoughts. They are not divided but they are always presenting in such a way that fool us to thinking we are divided from our thoughts. Let’s take for example when you are experiencing the sensation called jealousy it is the self that is jealous! But thinking because it is always fragmented Is creating the illusion that jealousy is different from the person who is jealous. In other words that the one experiencing jealousy is different from him or her thoughts that are jealous. Thinking in its very nature is always bringing about disorder by creating conflict within itself. Suppose you are greedy,the person who is greedy is the self which you are. Their is no greed if the self isn’t operating. Let’s say you feel hurt! The very hurt you feel is because thought has built an image about yourself and you are the image thought has built. But someone comes along and offends that image and then there is the feeling of hurt.

To be aware it’s not something that one can practice, because the entity that is practising it is in its self put together by thought. The self in its very nature Is very insecure, and is always looking for psychological security and thinks it is found it in knowledge which is a product of thought Or thinking.

Just Think for a moment in human history people identified with the tribe and had a knowledge about their tribe. The very same way people have knowledge about themselves and create their political or nationalistic views and call themselves a American, Canadian, Russian and think they have found security in those identifications. But all that it has done is created global instability and conflict within our fellow human beings. Thinking is doing the same thing in your daily life creating division, contradiction and that is why awareness is so important!

To be aware of what one thinks, how one acts, feels is all part of being aware. To be aware of how you change who you are when you are around certain different groups of people and their influences can show you how deceptive thought is. Most of us are so concerned about our self image and our self interest that we are self serving chameleons pretending we are not!

To be aware means to Perceive what is actually going on Within ourselves and in the world we are perceiving. When we are unaware of what is going on our egotistical selves, Is creating great havoc in our lives.

Self can be aware of its own disorder and confusion but it can never fix it because self in its very nature is broken. The brokenness of thought is the realization that every sound you learn, every word you learn, every sentence you put together comes from outside of your brain from the culture you live in. It was put into you as a child and you continue to add new words you get from the outside through the innovative nature of thought, which is very different than creativity. But that is a different matter.From the outside world you heard it,you learned it , it becomes part of your memory and then your knowledge from which you act. This means what you learned yesterday becomes the memory you have of today expressed by the knowledge you identify with called yourselves. That self is nothing more than a collection of memories stored in the brain, put together overtime modifying in the present giving you the illusion that thinking is who and what you are. You are not your thinking or your thoughts. Haven’t you noticed that when you are really happy and enjoying something you are not preoccupied with yourself! All your worries, agitations ,desires and or becoming something Have come to an end. You are just paying attention, listening deeply to what’s happening inwardly and outwardly without judgement and condemnation like or dislike. To be aware is one of the greatest things in life! One cannot practice awareness because the awareness that one practises is the intention of thought to achieve a higher state of being which is invented by thought itself, which is ridiculous. To be in another state of being means to be aware of how unaware one is. Then awareness naturally comes into being without will or force. Happy are those who see this!

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